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Top 10 Niva sites.


Baxter's top ten useful, interesting, or inspirational Niva sites:

1 Lada UK Forum
Plenty of Niva discussion; UK based, but plenty of international participation, especially from the antipodes. Highly recommended. Also the home of Lada parts dealer for UK.

2 Difflock
The other English speaking Niva forum; also caters for other breads as well, and many general off-road driving topics.

3 Niva.ru FAQ
English & Spanish translations of Russian FAQs; very handy and hopefully expanding.

4 Niva Adventure
Lots of modifications and forum (French, some English content)

5 Cloggy's Niva Site
Archive of the original Kiwi 2 litre Fiat Conversion site, Toyota power-steer, and more. The site that got me into Nivas all those years ago...

6 Navigatsioo Nitehnika
Estonian Niva crew who did what looks like a cross between trials & orienteering; in Estonian of course, but a very good gallery, and it looks like they had a load of fun.

7 Parque 4x4
A comprehensive Niva site in Spanish, plenty of tech, modifications, & good images; They're into long range & extreme Niva driving.

8 Gadgetboy's site (formerly www.turbo-nutter.com)
GB's on-going build & modifications diary, includes full Niva 1600 & 1700 manuals, parts catalogue, and other handy bits-and-bobs.

9 Baxter's Temple of Niva Site
Lots of Niva stuff: modifications, stickers, etc, with an emphasis on Do-It-Yourself.

10 Niva Nuts
Archive of an Australian site about a highly modified Niva for desert etc trips.



And the runners up...


General Niva sites:

La web del Lada Niva - comprehensive Spanish Niva site, includes Niva on portals, racing Nivas, V8 Nivas and more, including the Paris-Dakar Nivas. Incidentally it seems Nivas were homologated for international racing right up until at least April 2006!

Nivamania - another comprehensive Spanish Niva site, plenty of competition Nivas. Also appears to be dead (archive of latest version here).

TurboNiva - Sean Huffman's Canadian turbo Niva project, includes manuals, and other useful bits & bobs. Archive of old versions of the site here

Niva clubs & forums - Over 50 Niva clubs, from Argentina to New Zealand.


After-market Niva goodies:

Lada-Sport - LSDs, low-ratio TC and other useful bits. Germany (English version available).

Niva Shop .ru - Every imaginable Niva accessory, rock-crawler TC gear set, hot cams, 4.44 differentials, body-kits, and much much more. But exporting from Russia can be a fraught process.

Lada World - Danish E-shop that exports Russian sourced Niva accesories worldwide.

Lada Power - Ukraine, and apparently extremely reliable, casn source all sorts of bits.

Apoio 4x4 - Brazilian Niva accessories; engine upgrade kits, lift kit, interior dress-up, dizzy wading kit (Portuguese).

Natal 4x4 - Another Brazilian Niva accessories shop; snorkel, double CV centre joint, VW engine adapter kit, lift kit, body kits, etc and home of the famous X-Niva (now sold) (Portuguese).

Lada Italia - Italian aftermarket for the Niva, power-steer, air-con, body-kits, etc. Also includes info and avi movies on the Ferrari V8 powered off-road racing Niva.

Voit 4x4 - Portal axles for a Niva.



Russian Niva Club FAQ - lots and lots of info, modifications etc (Russian).

Excossack / John's site - Downloads for the Hoodoo 2" lift and alternator relocation bracket, and home of the Niva Register.



Viva! Niva! - No not a GM-Lada joint venture! It looks like a blog style site of a Japanese Niva fan - no idea what it says to be honest, but it looks kind of interesting. It also looks like it's now gone - archive here.

World Niva Club - Not actually a club as such, but lots of older clipped tech/modifications stuff. Appears to have gone down - here's the archive of the last working version.

NivaWiki - German wiki about Nivas; especially handy for info on injected Nivas (German).


General 4x4 sites and directories:

4x4zone.co.uk - 4x4 directory

4x4world.org - 4x4 search engine

4x4web.co.uk - 4x4 directory

4x4events.info - European 4×4 Events Calendar



On-line translators:
Cut and paste the URL into either PROMT, BabelFish or Translation Guide dot com (includes most languages Niva info is in).
UPDATE : Google Language Tools now also seems to cover all necessary languages.

Don't know what language a site is?
Try this language identifier.

Translator tips:
"W-Niva" translated from Russian refers to the Mk2 or Chevrolet Niva.
Niva often translates as "field" or "cornfield" from Russian.
If you start reading about Hippopotamus' & Crocodiles, a Hippo is Russian slang for the 3-door Niva, and Croc for the 5-door.
Avoid talking about the "driver's side" or "passenger's side" and stick to the "right side" and "left side" to avoid confusion between those of us who drive on different sides of the road..
English-German-French-Finnish-Swedish 4x4 translation dictionary


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