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Baxter's Niva aftermarket hybrid mirrors.




One thing I hate about early Nivas is the tiny original mirrors - they're so small they're like looking through letterbox slots and make changing lane and reversing more risky and difficult that it needs to be.

I replaced them with some after-market car door-mirrors, but they weren't really that much larger than the Niva's. The larger truck/SUV style are a much better size, but the swing-away type look over-the-top and out of place on a Niva (plus you have to drill extra holes in the door to fit the lower bracket).

I hybrid-ed the base off the after-market car door-mirror with the mirror head of an after-market truck/SUV swing-away type mirror (see below). Make sure the steel you use to connect them together is thick and well bolted down at each end, or else your mirror will be shaky.

These larger mirrors don't look too out of place and are about 100 times safer for lane changes as you can actually see what's beside you, and of course much better for reversing.

Baxters Niva aftermarket  hybrid door mirror

Baxters Niva aftermarket  hybrid door mirror




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