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Low-ratio Transfer-case Modification.



The low-ratio gears in the Niva's transfer-case can be swapped for a lower ratio set to give better low-speed crawling ability, commonly refered to a rock-crawler gear set.

There are several commercially available sets (LadaSport in Germany sell a choice of gear sets for around 600 Euro), or you can make you own set by modifying a 3rd gear from a old gearbox to fit (ie the "French" TC crawler mod).


Off-the-shelf rock-crawler gear sets

LadaSport in Germany offers the following options:
2,502/1,205 - 17 % reduction
2,712/1,205 - 27 % reduction
3,152/1,205 - 46 % reduction

Ladasport Niva low ratio crawl gear
LadaSport low-ratio TC set


LadaShop in Russia also offer sets, but their site refuses to works in my browsers, so I can't tell you anything about it.


Protrack in Greece offers the gears for sale and instructions of how to modify the case.

Protrack  Niva low ratio crawl gear



Do-it-yourself rock-crawler mods


French TC crawler mod
DIY instructions: page 1 (350K) :: page 2 (800K) (Original: Nivaventure/Fabrice)

The French mod



Swedish version
The Sweds have developed a version, here's Ahma's build notes, And Youtube vids below. They may be selling kits soon (Ahma & Niva-Micke)

Swedish Niva rock crawler transfer-case gear set

Here's a sequence from Ahma showing how to make the Swedish version:



Twin TCs

Another option could be twin transfer-cases; though they'd hang so low this is probably only a realistic option for very lifted Nivas.

Niva twin transfer-case Niva twin TC





Low-ratio 1st gear Gearbox swap

Low-ratio Diff swaps




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