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Baxters Niva site - sill guards


Sill guards & sill replacement.



These are often fitted into the jack mounts under the sills (aka rocker panels). They not only protect your sills from expensive damage on rocks, but also allow you to use a farm-jack under the sills - and can be used by short people as a step.

They are easily made, but need some welding. I plan to make mine from an old clothes-line. :) :) Note these are mostly just sill protectors, and that to use as actual rock sliders (ie to turn the vechicle against) they'd need to to stick out more and be more solidly mounted.

Niva sill armour Here's some DIY sill-guard build instructions by Pascal and Oliv (700K).

And here's some in Spanish on how to make some from old bed-ends (2M).


Click on images for a larger view.

Niva sill guard Niva sill armour

Niva rock-slider Niva sill guard

Russian Sill Guards

Niva sill protector Niva sill guard



Sill Replacement

Alternately, some people have replaced their sills with channel, box or L-section steel (check the legalities of doing this in your area first).

Right-click "view image" for bigger images.


box-section sill replacement

box-section replacement sill
Ahma's 60*40*2 box and two 20*20 L-shape, more pictures

box-section 2121 sill replacement
Hezzin's 80*40*2 box and one 20*20 L-shape, more information

box-section Niva sill replacement
Vlad's 3" x 3" box-section inner-sill replacement, more information



Also see - Sump & Diff Guards & other armour




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