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Nva  substitutition parts

Alternate parts that fit Nivas.



Genuine Lada replacement parts are usually* the best parts to fit to your Niva.
If Lada has withdrawn from your country, don't panic - see the Newbies Guide to find a genuine Lada/VAZ parts dealer near you, or check out my Links page for internet parts dealers.

However, if genuine parts are not available, or if you're caught on the side of the road, there are many parts that can be used instead. Most info here is for the Niva 1600, but some 1700/injection bits have started sneaking in. Please note though these alternatives are from reliable sources afaik, I have not tried many of these alternatives myself so can't vouch for them. And don't forget that some people's idea of "perfectly the same" / "direct swap" / "fits no problem" is not the same as other people's.

Know of any other bits you've tried that do - or don't - fit?
Contact me

*Know of any after-market parts better than the genuine part (or indeed worse)?
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Parts that DO fit Nivas:

Classic/Riva/Zhiguli Parts
• Many parts are the same as on Lada Classic/Riva/Zhiguli saloons, check out the parts-manual - as a rule-of-thumb any Niva part whose part-number starts with 210xxx is also the Classic saloon part.

• The Niva's carburetor has the same footprint as the down-draft Weber opening up many options for swaps. See my Weber Swap page for detailed information.
• The accelerator pump from the Motorcraft 2150 carburetor fits just perfect into the Niva 2121-1 carburetor (Vince W Drake).

• Many Lada Classic/Riva/Zhiguli saloons had chain-driven 1100, 1200, and 1500cc versions of the Niva's engine. While these would be underpowered for a Niva, many of their internals and accessories are the same or compatable with the Niva's. If you can, try to keep as close to your Niva's year as you can as the engine has been in production so long it's had many minor changes along the way (eg different alternators, carburetors, etc) and this will make this easy.
• Crank rear oil seal - Partquip 709010 -"70 90 10" (Sakkie)

• A346 (interchangeable with a Nissan filter), Valvoline VA62, GUD AG715 (Izak Crafford), Fram CA660 & CA4354, AC Delco A383C, Motorcraft FA250, Purolator A30023.
See warning about Ryco A88 & GUD AG380 below.

• Champion - N10Y, N9Y, RN9YC; Bosch - W7 DC; Marelli - CW7LP; NGK - BP6ES; MotorCraft - AG22; AC - 42XLS; KLG - FE65P; Beru Ultra 14 - 7du (Izak Crafford)

Starter Motor
• Wilson Auto Electric #91-36-7500
• 1.7 starter brushes (Lada-nr 2101-3708340) can be replaced with Fiat (JSX13 -4045771). (ahma)

• Wilson Auto Electric 90-36-7501 (50 AMP) or 90-23-6533 (60 AMP) (Carmine/lalunette)

Ignition Module
• The VW Golf 7-pin type is a plug in replacement for the 1.7. (sakkie)

Oil filter
• Avoid cheap oil filters if you want your Lada engine to live (indeed on any vehicle), this is a critical component and relatively inexpensive.
If you can't get a genuine Lada filter, or Lada isn't listed at your local parts store, apparently the Ford Pinto (UK) bolts on fine. Just make sure it's not a greatly different size than the Lada filter, as that may effect your oil pressure (which can have fatal consequences for your engine).
• Booneylander reports using a FRAM PH8A (or similar) improved oil pressure over a stock filter.

• Many 1970s/'80s Fiats and Lancias use the same style thermostats, just make sure the temperature rating is correct for the Lada.
• If you can't get original or Fiat thermostat, any external syle one can be adapted; eg 1990 BMW 318i, you'll just have to change the top and bottom hoses to suit. (Brandt Aucamp)

Radaitor Cap
• One of the few exceptions to "buy genuine parts", Luzar (Russian after-market manufacturer) reportedly make a radiator cap that is better than the Lada original.

• Lada Classic/Riva/Zhiguli saloon 5-speed gearboxes are essentially the same as Niva 5-speeds, though ratios may slightly vary in some - gearbox ratio info here. Likewise Classic 4-speeds can be used to replace a Niva 4-speed.
• Lada Classic and Niva 4-speed geraboxes can be swapped into a 5-speed model. You will need a 4-speed gearbox mount (ie the mount that joints the cross-member to the gearbox). They are reputed to be vastly more reliable than the 5-speeds, and some have lower ratios than Nivas gearboxes - low ratio gearbox swap info here.
• Fiat 124 gearboxes bolt to the Lada engine and have been swaped in. The 4-speeds should be reasonably the same to fit as a Lada 4-speed (except maybe the mount?). But the Fiat 5-speeds are longer than the Niva 5-speeds (Fiat and Lada developed the extra gear separately sadly) and won't bolt in without some modifications (eg shifting the transfer-case backwards a little). Many Fiat 124 gearbox internals can be used in the Lada gearbox, but not all. Note the shifter is on different loaction on various Fiat models, so you may need to swap your Lada shifter on or cut the body to fit.
• Some Fiat 132 gearboxes look the same as a Fiat 124 so I assume will also fit, and are reputed to be stronger. Later Fiats (131 etc) have a ZF-style gearbox rather than the gearbox Ladas and 124s use, this is a totally different desgin gearbox but will (with minor modifications) bolt to the Lada engine, however it also is longer than the Lada gearbox (so will need things modified to fit), and also there's two different types of output joint (one the same as Lada donut, the other different - slip joint), see below.
• SFK bearing replacements for the Lada 5-speed may be found here (presumably most of these will also fit the 4-speed).

• DynaPak Clutch Number NU31010, 3 Piece kit
• Valeo Clutch Kit, Part #3495
NOTE: like brake pads, some after-market clutches are too hard and can give a crappy pedal feel, and wear your Lada flywheel.

Gearbox Donut
• Rubber donuts as used on some European Fords (eg Sierra) and others are the same size and fit. However, they they do not have the flange-tip locators Lada ones do, and are reported to be of an inferior rubber to the Russian originals.
• Obviously many Fiat donuts will also fit.

Universal Joints
• Hardy Splicer universal joint GKN HS194

CV Boots
• The front CV-boots are of the same dimensions as the Audi 100, 1977 - 1986 outer boot. (Markus at lada-niva.se) (might pay to check the dimensions and to know if this applies to both the Niva inner and outer boots; I can't recall if they are the same off hand?)

Bleed Nipples
• 8 x 1.5 Metric x 24mm Long, part no. 639520 from Russell. (Toshi38)

Fuel Cap
• Some 1980s Fiats and Lancias have the same screw-on non-vented cap.

• Many 1980s Honda, Toyota, and Rover models have a similar distance between the seat's mounting rails (about 43 to 44cm). However, the Niva's rails sit at different heights, so you'll need an spacer (about 45mm) under the outer rail of each seat to lift it about an inch and a half (a couple of lengths of 50x100 box section look like they might do it).
• Detailed seat swap info.

• Many of those fiddly black plastic bits you loose and break can be found in Lada Classic saloon cars. If you can find an older Lada Classic/Zhiguli saloon (eg the 1200) you may even be able to find some metal replacements (eg window winder & door opener handles). Fiat 124 and some others also have useful swaps and upgrades for Niva interiors.
• Most Fiat steering wheels up to 1984 (eg 124, 131, etc) will fit on the Niva splines.

Heater tap
• One of the few exceptions to "buy genuine parts", after-market ceramic heater taps are available, these don't sieze up like the metal factory taps when they are unused for a while. Though note there are different quality ceramic taps, the type held together with screws appear to be the better ones.

Dashboard lights
• Euro bulbs are not easly available in America. US type no. 1445 works but is a bit dim (2W), longer types won't fit. Osram no. 39316 will fit and is avalible as stock no. 937-0010 from Allied Electronics. (porschev812)

Wheel Rims
• See the list of rims with the same PCD (stud pattern) as the Niva (be aware of off-set problems though).

Self-adjusting Brakes
• Self-adjusting rear wheel cylinders from Lada Samaras and later Nivas fit on the earlier non-adjusting Nivas, but you'll need the backing plates from a self-adjusting later model Niva, and shoes. (Andy, Lada Parts Australia)

• Fiat Uno Master Cylinder seals (part No. 4396) are an exact fit. (Danie)
• Fiat 147 Master cylinder and equalizer might be compatable.

• The Lada Classic/Riva/Zhiguli saloon steering-box is the same, though you'll almost certainly need to use the Niva's arm, and the input shaft length may be different on some models (use the Niva's).
• Likewise the Fiat 124 (and most other licence built 124 derivatives) steering-box can be used (I believe Fiat steer-boxes have bearings instead of bushes as a bonus), make sure you get the right shaft length if you can (or you'll need to swap it for your Niva shaft). (RealNivaMan)
NOTE: right-hand drive steering parts are no longer manufacturered, so never dump a scrap RHD Niva without taking the steering, especially the steering-box.

• Front Shocks: Monroe MNR.M8046 (Toyota Hi-Ace) (Sakkie), Rancho RS 5605 (ahma)
• Rear shocks: Monroe GA2006 G45051 (Nissan) (Sakkie), Rancho RS 5113 (ahma)

Crank-start Handle
• The coupling off a Lada Classic/Riva/Zhiguli saloon fits but the handle is too short iirc. If you can't find a second-hand one here's a do-it-yourself.
• Gadgetboy reports "The jack handle from Nissan pickups (not the Navara) works a treat".




Parts that DO NOT fit Nivas:

• The FWD Lada Samara's engine is belt driven unlike the chain driven Niva engine so many parts are are not swapable. Likewise the belt-driven engine is found in a few Classic/Riva/Zhiguli saloons (eg the 1300cc).

Fiat 131 gearbox
• The ZF-style 'box from later Fiats (131 etc) will bolt to the Niva engine. It can be fitted, but it is longer than the Lada gearbox so will need the TC moved backwards (enough to need relocated mounts and body mods) to fit in the Niva. It will also need a custom joint between the Fiat ZF-style gearbox and TC if it's not the type with a donut output, a custom cross-member (a Fiat one could probably be easily adapted), and some mild cutting of the body for the shifter-lever.

Ryco A88 & GUD AG380 air-filter
• The A88 was listed for the Niva 1600 in Australia, but is about 6mm too short and does not seal up - thus letting unfiltered air into your engine! Thanks to Joel Menich it no longer is listed in Australia, but as of 2009 Repco NZ still sells A88 as a Niva replacement!
Likewise the GUD AG380 fitted by some in South Africa is too small and also lets in unfiltered air.

Steering and suspension
• Lada Classic/Riva/Zhiguli saloon steering-arms and wishbones are different.

• Lada Classic/Riva/Zhiguli saloon seat rails are a different width, and do not bolt in.



Know of any other bits you've tried that do - or don't - fit?
Contact me



The up-to-date copy of this list lives permanently at www.ladaniva.co.uk/baxter/resources/Parts.htm If you're reading it from elsewhere it may not be the most up-to-date copy.


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