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Other Fiat 124 licence built cars.

The car the Niva is based on was a licence built Fiat 124, and hence many Fiat 124, 125, 131, etc parts can be used on the Niva. But Lada were not the only licence built 124s, there are other potential parts sources:

Spain: Seat 124 - 1500cc, 1600cc, and 1800cc versions

Russia: Lada BA3-2101 "Zhighuli" - still in production!

Argentina: name unknown

India: Premier 118 NE - was in production until at least 1999, with Nissan A-series engine and transmission.

Turkey: Tofas Murat 124

Poland: Polski-Fiat 125P (by FSO)

Bulgaria: Pirin-Fiat




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