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Niva 1700 wiring schematic.



Note this is for 1700 Nivas (21213), different years or market versions may be different; it is reputed to be also correct for a 21214. Wiring diagrams for 1600 carby based Nivas can be found at here. Full workshop manuals for 1600, 1700 & injected Nivas (throttle-body and multi-point fuel injection diagrams are on pages 38-40 of the 1700 Colour manual) can be found at Gadgetboy's site .

Version 1: Click images for larger versions

Niva 21213 wiring

Niva 21213 wiring  key


Version 2: Click image for larger version

Niva 1700 wiring



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If you're looking for a Workshop Manual, check out my Resources page





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