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Light-switch relocation (Mark 1 Niva only).



Ever feared that on a cold dark night, with the heater on full bore, you might mistakenly turn the headlights off instead of the heater?

As a former student of cognitive ergonomics I've always though placing of those 2 switches together on the Niva dash is a fatal disaster waiting to happen.

Luckily there's an easy - and free - fix:

Simply swap the location of the headlight-switch with the headlight-washer-switch (ie just below the left side of the gauges on a RHD).

To get to the headlight-washer switch the instrument binnacle virtually pops out (push gently down on the top of the piece of plastic that contains the instruments and pull forward from the top when the 2 clips disengage). The headlight-switch is accessed from underneath (easiest to remove the radio etc panel, 4 screws easy).

Re-route the wires of each switch to its new location, and pop the headlight-switch where the washer-switch used to be, and vice versa. Both switch's original wires should reach their new locations without have to mess about with extensions etc.

Top mod. Easy as.

I got this tip off a guy in a Christchurch 4WD shop now gone after the earthquakes.



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