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Handy Niva modifications

Handy modifications to make your Niva easier to live with.

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Interior & General Off Road

Door pockets from other cars

Door pockets from other cars (or aftermarket pockets to specifically for Nivas are now available).


Niva seat Holder-upper
Niva seat Holder-upper
Low-tech Seat Holder-upper


Ford 'eyeball' heater vents on a Niva
'70s Ford "eyeball" heater vents - fabricate in for better flow control.


Modify Niva  seats into a bed
Modify hinges to fold seats into a bed - here's how


Velcro straps to utilise the gear shift area as effective storage (JamesLaugesen)


Niva Light switch swap mod
Light switch swap mod (Mk1 only) - here's how


Bottom of the steering-column cover catch your big feet when you change gear?
Mine did. Not any more :)


Niva Opening rear windows
Opening rear windows - available from several suppliers nowadays.


Rear organisers


Rear shelf - converts to outdoor table
Rear shelf - converts to handy outdoor table.


or go the whole hog if you've got a long-door model.


Rear draws - if you're lucky enough to have a long-door model.


Niva Rear badge/indicator swap
Rear badge/indicator swap


Bonnet-pull back up - the original can snap if not adjusted correctly or lubricated.


Tail-gate light with switch


The bonnet grill has two zones: fresh air intake for the ventilation system (blue arrows) and outlet for hot air from engine (orange arrow). If any kind of bonnet scoop is used it is important to have a divider between these two zones, and an outlet for the engine outlet zone.






Niva Electric radiator fans - with a kill-switch for fording
Electric radiator fans - with a kill-switch for fording - here's how


Under-bonnet spade
Under-bonnet Spade


...or external for easier access.


Splash-resistant Distributor

...or a rubber glove can be used to for better water-proofing.


Headlight water proofing
Headlight water proofing - silicon sealer and garden hose.


Rear wheel spacers - could even be made from a machined down hub.


Niva big battery
Big battery (RHD) - will fit in, but won't sit neatly on the standard tray and may need slightly taller threaded rod to hold it down.


Niva Cabin guard -
Cabin guard - stops your recovery gear etc squashing your head in the event of an off.


Fire extinguisher - highly recommended to have mounted in an easy to reach (by driver and passenger) location.


Underbonnet Compressor

Under-bonnet compressor - for off-road inflation.


Coil retainers
Coil retainers - if your dampers are too long and coils aren't captive.


Niva tool kit in spare tyre
Tool kit in front spare tyre - a hat-box or gold pan is perfect


Niva unberbonnet custon tool-box
Or if you've shifted your spare tyre make use of the space with a big custom tool-box. Nuclear waste theme optional.


Themed tool-box - a few bits of wood, some paint, and you have a 'box that is a heap cooler than an over-priced shop one.


Decrease your Niva's turning circle.

To reduce the turning circle, just slightly grind the heads of the two bolts that hold the steering-box and serve as a stop for the Pitman arm (make sure you don't take too much off and allow the tyres to contact the body when on full lock).


Stop crap from falling into the heater-box. Also I find the heater box a handy place to store a small can of water-proofing spray.

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