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Front brake caplier seal overhaul



"This is a complete set of all rubber seals needed to overhaul the Niva front brake. The set has its own part nr. 2121-3501206, check out in your catalogue.

The set consist of 6 dust caps (2121-3501058) and 6 seal rings (2121-3501051) that means, it covers both sides of one car.
Please beware the actual set you receive can only differ in the print of the bag, but will be original Russian, have the same content, and made by the same firm.

How to use the repair set:
I hope you know the tricks how to insert the outer dust caps. Theoretically the caliper pistons must be completely depressed for that task. If your front brake pistons are nedlected and jamming, the pistons cannot go back. Not even if you try to install a new brake pad set. If you force them back, this is the surest way for a jamming brake. Do your Niva a favor, and clean the dry and dirty parts, wiping those sliding surfaces clean with a fresh rag and new brake fluid. Jammed pistons you cannot press back, they must partially come out first, even if it costs sacrificing the old rubber caps, so you can clean all sides of the pistons.
Moving the blank pistons outward, by letting a helper to press the brake pedal, wiping and rinsing the pistons with brake fluid, pressing them back by a hand clamp. This cycle repeated in multiple instances brings a real wonder, you will put your hands together, how much this helps.

Sometimes the complete removal of the pistons is needed (when the internal seal leaks, or due to rust marks). The task is possible without taking down the caliper, or disconnecting the brake line. Actually you can use your head, and recognise the brake system as the proper tool to press out the pistons, while holding back (with a clamp, or a piece of wood) those not leaking and already freed up.
I have nightmares from reading comments in various Niva lists how the cylinders must be hammered out. I have learned while the years, that every front brake is possible to free up. It is not a natural thing, that the Niva front brake is jamming. Do something against it.
If you think any of the calipers 2121-3501178 (right side), 2121-3501179 (left side) is beyond repair, new they costs 45EUR/piece." -Gabor/GM404

I assume Lada.co.uk also offer such a kit.




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