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The Doughnut.



The Doughnut and universal can be removed without taking off the transfer-case (TC). You need to fit a 6" hose clamp (aka Jubliee clamp) around the rubber ring before you undo the bolts. Otherwise you can’t easily slip the bolts out and back in.

Mark exactly where the TC is positioned (spray some paint around it's mounts) so you can get it aligned correctly when you refit it. Simply loosen the TC mounting bolts then undo the four bolts that attach the joint to the TC, slide the TC back just a little, then undo the three large bolts that hold the doughnut to the gearbox. If you have the hose clamp in place and tight, the bolts should slip out easily.

Before you put the coupling back in make sure that large nut at the end of the gearbox shaft is tight. Then all you need to do is the same backwards, and realign the TC so you don’t get vibrations.


Gearbox and transfer-case alignment

Ahma's wire method (simple and very effective looking): Youtube demonstration: Before - After

Hoodoo's method (also easy): To ensure correct alignment, once everything in place, and with mounting bolts slightly slack, start engine. With TC in neutral, and difflock OFF, engage second gear and let idle. TC levers should not wobble, but be stationary. Adjust TC from underneath to achieve this. The other method is to run the engine to about 3500rpm so that everything finds its' own place. But you still need the levers to be still.


Also see: Transfer-case Alignment




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