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DIY Snorkels.



Niva with snorkel Niva with snorkel Niva with snorkel

Snorkels for the Niva are readily available off-the-shelf in Europe and Sth America (see my links page), but are hard to find in English speaking countries. You could adapt another vehicle's snorkel to fit, but PVC drain pipe has become popular with many Niva owners for DIY snorkels; it's cheap, strong, and easy to replace if necessary. Top with either a normal snorkel hat, air-filter, or a upturned plastic flower pot. Below are some images of other people's DIY snorkels for inspiration.

Right-click "view image" for bigger images.


Bonnet-cut Snorkels

I prefer the bonnet cut to the scuttle cut as it doesn't alter a structural part of the body which could lead to road certificate issues (though it will make the corner area of the bonnet "floppy"), and can be more easily reversed if necessary.

PVC pipe Drain pipe fittings

bonnet cut

DIY Niva snorkel


pipe and flexi-hose Flexi-hose snorkel

Alternately you could cut the side of the bonnet:

This one is also an excellent example of a plastic flower-pot top, below is another example:



Scuttle-cut Snorkels

scuttle cut what you need

PVC and flexi-hose




Underbonnet plumbing

If you retain the Lada's airbox, don't forget to seal up the winter hot-air intake (it's the lower intake on the box with a selector flap at the entrance to the air-box; see zip-tie below).

Seal hot-air intake




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