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DIY Niva Crank-start Handle.

Lost your crank handle? Make a new one - PDF plans here (111K).

Please learn how to crank-start a car safely if you're unsure - as you can easily end up breaking wrists etc. Crank at your own risk.

Ahma reports: "As far as I know, it works fine on all carb-Nivas, I have made 8 of those here and distributed to Niva-friends all over the country. The only complaint I got was that it does not work with a bullbar mounted - for those cars they the have to make the shaft longer. The other possible problem is that injection cars do no open injector volountary - start spray may be needed."

Credit to: Sean Huffman "booneylander" for making the drawing, Håkan Winqvist "nivanörden" for the measuring, and Mats Ahlberg "ahma" for doing the prototype.

BTW, the crank-start handle is also useful for the timing-chain tightening process a Niva regularly needs.




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