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Brake regulator valve adjustment.



The front section of regulator's linkage rod (the blue rod in picture below) should be parallel to the underside of the body. Adjust the angle of the regulator valve to achieve this.

As per the workshop manual : loosen the 2 adjuster bolts, set the distance between the linkage's rod and the floor at 150mm (or use the special tool), and then adjust the regulator valve until there is "light contact between the lever and piston" (under the rubber boot).

Niva brake proportioning valve adjustment Brake proportioning valve


Lifted Niva? If you have a lift the 150mm setting goes out the window, you need to adjust until the front section of the rod (the blue rod in picture above) is parallel with the floor to get the desired "light contact between the lever and piston". Some lifts require the linkage between the rod and the axel casing to be lengthened (see Lifts) to achieve this.

Remember to clean and re-grease the piston with plenty of rubber-friendly grease when you're done.

For reference: When adjusting rotating it clockwise will delay the response time and decrease the amount of braking you have at the rear. Rotating anti-clockwise has the opposite effect and will increase the braking effect in relation to the load carried.


WARNING: If adjusted wrongly this valve has been reported to cause the rears to lock and the vehicle to spin under heavy braking.


The workshop manual also has a section on checking the functioning of the piston.





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