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Lada Niva clubs & forums around the World



Because of the ability to use Nivas for trips, events, trials, etc - not to mention the need for aftermarket support groups - there is a astonishing number of Niva clubs and forums around the world. In addition to the obvious Russian/Slavonic speaking groups, there are many others (on-line translators at bottom of page).

Is your Niva club or forum missing? Please e-mail me and I'll add it (see below).

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World Wide Niva - The global Niva forum (multilingual)
International NIVA Club - Russian language and focused
Lada Niva Power - the main Facebook Niva Group
Lada Niva - a popular Facebook Niva Fan-page


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Oceania & Asia

New Zealand (English)
Lada.co.uk Kiwi Crew
Offroad Express Niva Section - new 2011
4x4 Events South Island
Trials, Winch challenge, and Mug plug dates.

NZ Four Wheel Drive Assn. Events
South Island Niva Driver's Association (no longer Niva based, can now be found at SINDA Yahoo Group)
Niva Enthusiasts Register (Canterbury) - apparently inactive

Australia (English)
Australian Niva Forum
Niva 4WD Club of Western Australia
- Dead. Archive here
Auswest Niva Owners Inc - Dead
Lada Niva Club Vic Inc Lada section inactive. Archive here

Japan (Japanese)
Jalnec - Japanese Niva Club
Lada Niva BBS
- seems to have folded several days after I discovered it, may be temp though.

Vietnam (Vietnamese)
Oto Saigon Niva disscussion


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Great Britain & Ireland (English)
National Niva Owners Club
Lada.co.uk forum - The main English speaking Niva forum. Lots of members, helpful advice, and a good attitude.
Difflock Niva forum - another English forum, though due to overzealous Mods everybody seems to be abandoning to lada.co.uk instead.
Lada Owners Club of Great Britain

Niva Association // Niva Adventure forum
Prolofuncar forum (appears dead - archive here)

Niva4x4 Team63 // Forum (regional club)
Baroud Niva Club
Niva Action forum
Forum4x4.com Niva section
Forum des Randonneurs en Lada Niva
Dead. Archive here

Lada Niva Club Italia (English available)
Forum ospitato da Freeforumzone.net
Forum ospitato da Fuoristrada.it
Lada Niva Club Italia 2

Lada Niva Club forum

Niva Greek Forum
to4x4 Niva Club forum

Turkish Niva Club & forum
Outdoor-sport Niva forum
Lada Kulubu
Guven Oto Lada forum

Club Lada Niva // Forum
Asociación de Usuarios de Lada Niva
Lada Barcelona (MSN Group)

Lada Niva 4x4 .net // Forum

Niva Club Deutschland
Niva Technik // Forum
Lada Niva Forum

Lada Club Nederland

Lada Niva Belgium - includes Netherlands, Forum (Dutch)
De Belgische Niva Vrienden - Archive

Niva 4X4 forum - a very large Niva forum; includes a translated into English section
Niva Club .ru // Forum
Niva forum at Niver.ru
St. Petersburg Niva & Off Road // Forum
Niva forum at Auto.ru
Moscow Niva Club
Niva Klub Novosibirsk
Tomsk 4x4 - Niva section
Tomsk Autoclub - Niva section
Chevy Niva Club // Forum - the Chev Niva has mostly the same underpinnings

Lada Club Belarus - seems mostly Zhiguli/Riva focused

Lada Club Lithuania // Forum - seems largely Zhiguli/Riva focused

4x4.ee Niva Forum

Offroad Team Niva Forum

4x4 Club Niva Forum

Niva Karkov Club / Forum
Chev Niva Club

Lada Club Bulgaria // Forum Niva section
Offroad Bulgaria - Niva section

Former Yugoslavia
archives until 2008 here

Club 4x4 Romania Niva Forum

Schnee Off-road Forum - Niva section (& Niva buy/sell)

Klub Ljubitelja Lade NIVE 4x4
Lada Fanclub (not many Nivas)
Lada Club Serbia

Niva 4X4.hu - Hirek
Lada Niva 4x4 Klub & Forum

Lada Klub
Rajdy 4X4 Niva forum

Niva Club Ceská Lípa & here
Lada Klub forum

Lada Club of Finland
(English available) // Forum
Norway Lada Niva 4x4 Club
Offroad.no Niva section
Suomen Niva Club Appears to be dead. Archive here
Svenska Niva Club (Swedish)
Icelandic Niva Club (English; archive; not Firefox friendly)
Niva I Focus forum (Sweden)

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Africa & Middle East

South Africa
Lada 4x4 Owners Club of Southern Africa or here or here or here (all very flakey providers - archive here)
LadaRSA LOCSA Yahoo Group - membership required (Mostly English)
LOCSA Forum (active)

Egyptian Niva Club Facebook group
Team NIVA-EGYPT PRO. Facebook group

Lada Niva Lebanon Facebook group

Lada Niva Israel Facebook group
Israeli Niva Forum

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South America (Spanish)

Club Niva 4X4 (covers all SA countries)
Club Lada Colombia
Club Lada Argentino // Yahoo Group
Club Niva Argentina
Praque 4X4
Patagonia 4X4
Club Niva Equador
Niva Peru
// Yahoo group
Club Niva Chile
// Forum
Niveros Venezuela
// Forum
Lada Costa Rica blog
// Fourm

Brazil (Portugese)
Niva 4X4

Niva Club ABC
De Niva na Trilha
Camaradas Do Niva
Nivas Gerais 4x4
4x4 Brazil Niva forum
Niva 4x4 Offroad - Yahoo Group
Niva Clube - Yahoo Group

North America (English)

Niva Chat (Yahoo Group) - reasonably active, mostly US and Canadian users
Quebec Niva Club
Lada Owners Club Canada
Lada USA Forum

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International (old-school)

Lada Niva Info (Yahoo Group) - Membership required
Lada Niva Forum (Yahoo Group) Membership required
Lada Niva Enthusiast (Yahoo Group), Messages public
World Niva Club - Ozzie based, doesn't actually seem to be a club, but plenty of reasources
WNC Yahoo group - idle since 2002, but public archives
Niva WebRing - hardly any sites on it though
Lada Worldwide Club - a new (2010) international Lada forum

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On-line translators:
Cut and paste the URL into either PROMT, BabelFish or Translation Guide dot com (includes most languages Niva info is in).
UPDATE : Google Language Tools now also seems to cover all necessary languages.

Don't know what language a site is?
Try this language identifer.

Translator tips:
Niva often translates as "field" or "cornfield" from Russian.
"W-Niva" translated from Russian refers to the Chevolet Niva.
If you start reading about Hippopotamus' & Crocodiles, a Hippo is Russian slang for the 3-door Niva, and Croc for the 5-door.
Avoid talking about the "driver's side" or "passenger's side" and stick to the "right side" and "left side" to avoid confusion between those of us who drive on different sides of the road.
English-German-French-Finnish-Swedish 4x4 translation dictionary


Missing clubs, status updates and dead links - please report to:

Make sure you put something sensible in the subject-line as a get a lot of spam and can easily miss your e-mail


This page lives at the www.ladaniva.co.uk/baxter domain, if you’re reading it from anywhere else you may not be reading the most up-to-date copy.


AvtoVaz Niva 2121 4x4


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