On the following pages you will find drawings covering every single component found in a Niva as well as all the corresponding parts numbers right down to the smallest nut, bolt or washer. This way you can give the parts-person at the other end of the phone a number rather than trying to explain what exactly it is that you want. These pages will also give you an indication of which parts are peculiar to the Niva and which parts are shared between the various Lada models. Any part numbers with the prefix "2121" are Niva exclusive. Those parts which start with numbers like "2101" or "2107" for example are as fitted to normal Lada sedans and wagons. To make it easier to find what you are looking for I have divide the drawings into main groups which are then divided into subgroups and then into the components themselves. Clicking onto any of the main group buttons below will take you to the respective subgroups from where you can follow a link to the component.