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Niva Sticker downloads.



You are free to use these sticker designs for personal use.

Simply right-click (or whatever the equivalent is on a touch-screen) the sticker image you want, and select "save target as" or "save link as" to save a high quality version to your hard-drive or device. Take the file to a printing service and ask them to print these on quality UV-resistant sticky vinyl (or they won't last long). If you desire, a specialist printer should be able to print them so they can stick on the inside your window or even on clear vinyl. —And don't forget to e-mail me a picture of your Niva with the sticker fitted. :)

Got a good idea for a new sticker? — let me know.

Need a personalised version? — I have most of the original files so I can make you custom versions of these in exchange for whiskey or Lada parts :lol:

These are made as artwork for personal usage only. Please consider them under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs copyright licence (ie basically you can't use them to make money without the owner's permission). Contact me regarding any commercial use or redistribution, as some components are not mine.



Motorsport & Record Breakers

Niva sticker:  Rally Raid Champion

Nivas beats the 2CV record

Clarkson lies



Apocalypse Series

For non-English speakers SHTF stands for "Shit Hits The Fan", ie an apocalyptic event.

Niva:  Apocalypse

Niva:  Apocalypse

Niva:  Apocalypse

Niva:  Apocalypse

Niva: for when SHTF

Niva: for when SHTF




Random & Comedy

Niva:  I helped Patrick McGoohan  escape

Sticker: Jeremy Clarkson loves Ladas. Sort of.

James May: Lada Niva - actually quite good

Niva  always half broken, never broken down

Lada Niva: The best value 4x4 by far stucker

Niva friends sticker: bikinis

Niva friends sticker: boating

Niva friends sticker: recovery

Niva: AK47

Niva: Anti-Theft Device

Use genuine Lada / Avtovaz parts only

Niva: This way up

Niva: please roll me over

Land Rover Recovery Unit sticker

Niva: it's a Jeep thing

Baxters Temple of NIVA Site

The World is Not Enought Niva logo



Logo Spoofs

Niva: Land Rover logo

Niva: Jeep logo




Niva sticker: Built for Siberia

I love my SUV


Under-bonnet service stickers coming. One day.



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